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We have a small but amazing community on discord that we would like to invite you to! Please click here, or the image to the left to join and hang out with us! Here you can find our updates, Game Dev Resources & Features, as well as a great place to meet people with similar interests in quality games by developers who appreciate their community!

"Red Bearded Reviews" on Steam

As game developers, we know exactly how hard it is to be seen if you are a new developer or if you don’t have a marketing budget or experience. That is why we want to support our community by featuring game developers that stand by their game year after year.

If you have been providing regular updates to your game for more than 2 years after it’s release, then reach out to us and we will give you a shout out to help the community know about your work. If we feel your game can’t be recommended we will provide feedback to help you.

Email: / Vaporware devs beware!

Hall of Helpers

The Hall of Helpers is essentially a list of members in the community who have assisted in fixing, troubleshooting, solving issues related to game play development! As a special thank you to those who help make our games possible their names are listed in this section of our community. (numbers such as #0392 indicate a discord ID)

  • Lecks#0253
  • Red riot#5548
  • Cloud-Yo!#3387
  • Katharsy#0407
  • Saltyparts#1452