A Tiny Game Studio with Big Dreams

Optimistic Games is a small one-person indie game studio that doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Despite having only a single full-time developer the game titles under development regularly recruit amazingly talented contributors that while new or unknown in the industry are both incredibly skilled and valuable. It is our hope that the community will value our time and our dedication to providing well-polished game experiences, and join us in our effort to build a community interested in seeing each other succeed.

Cody Rauh - Solo Game Developer

Cody provides all the Art, Design, Programming, Animation, etc! With 15 years of experience in creating assets for virtual worlds, training simulators, and indie games, his background provides him a solid foundation for game development. Experiencing both successes and heartbreaking failures on projects, he has learned from both, and as the owner of three small businesses he has a unique ability see projects through from beginning to end even in the most adverse of circumstances.

Defense Education || How We Interaction Matters || Personal Goal: Help 30 million people by 2030!

Nick Zhuravel - Game Music Composer

Nick provided the Volume 1 Original Soundtrack for Wild Origin and has been creating music for 4 years, and came on board to work on Wild Origin with Optimistic Games as one of his first commercial projects. His mastery of synth, piano, guitar, and other instruments, as well as the ability to compose tracks, has made him an invaluable part of the Wild Origin game series.

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Stan Vuylsteke - Game Music Composer

Stan provided the Volume 2 Original Soundtrack for Wild Origin, has been creating music in the hip-hop industry for the past two years, and during that time has branched out into other types of music. He is constantly in search of the freshest sounds to produce music in a variety of different genres. His personal favorite is space themed ambient music and synthwave which made him the perfect fit for Wild Origin.

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Cassidy Robideaux - Interaction Sound Designer

Cassidy provides the audio feedback during gameplay in both Wild Origin & ICONIC, he brings new innovations and contributions to the game industry. This fresh perspective on audio and familiarity with evolving tools to create sounds helps ensure the Wild Origin Universe leans into the future with high fidelity, precision simplicity, and rewarding audio engagement that helps the player feel as if they are actually touching the game universe they are immersed in.

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Jordan Schilling - World/Ambient Sound Designer

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